Privacy Statement
Whistleblower Privacy Statement in Relation to the Whistleblower Policy

1. Privacy Policy

We at Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited and our affiliated companies and subsidiaries worldwide (collectively referred to as “IVL”) are committed to honouring and protecting your privacy. This Whistleblower Privacy Statement describes our privacy policies and practices regarding any collection and use of your personal data captured in the whistleblower report through the whistleblower website and email. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy or your personal data, please contact us at

2. What personal data we may collect, how we collect it and the purpose of the said collection

We may collect your personal data in one of the following ways:
3. Security

IVL has implemented adequate technical and organisational safeguards, in line with industry standards and that its systems are state-of-the art to ensure the security of personal data. This includes the prevention of any alteration to captured data as well as the prevention of any loss, damage, unauthorised processing or access to data. The Company will protect the nature of the data, and the risks to which they are exposed by virtue of human action or the physical or natural environment.

Personal data will be put into a secure intelligence database with restricted access arrangements. Reports are clearly marked as related to a confidential and sensitive whistleblower's disclosure. The whistleblower may or may not be identified in the report; he/she can report anonymously. This protective marking system highlights the fact that neither the information nor the whistleblower's identity should be disclosed internally or externally without reference to the Whistleblower Committee. The key security measures to keep your personal data secure and confidential, include but are not limited to:
4. Who we may share your personal data with (the recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data)
5. Transfer of personal data
6. Personal data retention

We will only keep your personal data for as long as is reasonably necessary to fulfil our obligation with regard to your whistleblowing report or to comply with legal requirements under applicable law(s). This means that we may retain your personal data for a reasonable period, at least 5 (five) years. After this period, your personal data will be deleted from all IVL systems. In exceptional cases where personal data cannot be completely deleted, it will be anonymised or encrypted to ensure your identity is protected and not revealed.

7. Your rights
You have a right to:
To exercise the rights outlined above with respect to your personal data, you may write to us at:

8. Changes to our privacy policy

This privacy policy was last updated on 26 February 2022 and we will notify you of further changes we may make to this privacy policy, where required, however, we would recommend that you look back at this policy from time to time to check for any updates.

9. Our Contact details

If you have any concerns as to how your data is processed, you can contact us at:

10. Additional information

You can also find out more about how we deal with your personal data via the Whistleblower Policy: